Saturday, March 26, 2011

Art & Fashion and 'Dream' Fashion Show - Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (Part2)


My Outfit

It was actually quite cold to wear this outfit outside. Oh well I didn't catch a cold yet. So I should be fine :)
At the moment I'm going thru all of the pictures. I took about 450 and a few videos, then my battery died.
The next Part comes tomorrow.  There are a few nice shots I think and more to tell :)

 'Turban' (H-Naoto), Infinity Scarf (Mr.Frost's ;)), Knit Cardigan (Cold Method), 2nd Layer Cardigan (New Yorker), Shirt (New Yorker), Skinny Pants (New Yorker), Shoes (Rangers), Bag (New Yorker)

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