Thursday, October 06, 2011

Too much to do!

I'll post as soon as I have more time again. But at the moment we have 2 projects one of them includes a collection for the staff members of a variete theater. Another thing why I cant'post that often is because I go a part time job now to finance my studies too.

See ya around :)

Ich poste sobald ich wieder kann. Aber im moment haben wir 2 Projekte. Eins davon ist eine Kollektion fuer die Mitarbeiter eines Varieté Theaters. Dazu habe ich nun einen Nebenjob um meine studien zu finanzieren.

Bis bald :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few Night Impressions of Taipei's Streets


Not much time so just a few pics I made walking around Taipei in the night :D I like those small back alley streets somehow. Oh and I felt kinda safe walking around at night. Anyway I got so many more pictures: food, places and other stuff..more next time ;)

Back alley near Shida nightmarket

Its a rare view to see a building without others next to it.

A typical bridge to cross the wide 6 - 8 lane streets

10 years ago I have been here the last time. The parking lot under the bridge is still there :)

Shida Nightmarket 3:30 AM

Friday, June 24, 2011

First day in Taipei and we're rocking the clubs :D

(deutsch/ english)

Zuerst wurden unsere Haare gestyled, danach haben sich die Maedels das Make Up gemacht. Wir haben zuerst im Marquee gestartet. Daraufhin gings es in den Room 18. Dort haben wir einen Member von Jabbawockeez getroffen und mit ihm bisschen getrunken und abgedanced und endeten im Primo wo Mei und ich ne kleine Photosession hatten.


First we got our hair done, then the girls made their make up. After that we started out in Marquee. Then we left to Room 18. There we met one member of the Jabbawockeez Crew, drank and danced a little bit together and ended in Primo where Mei and me had a little photo session.

Jabbawockee in da house!

Photo Session in Club Primo

The Mirrored Wall was so cool so we decided to take some pictures. Good Idea ;)

this pic I like the most :D